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Blind Faith: Americans believe in religion — but know little about it May 27, 2007

Posted by The Armchair Economist in Christianity, Commentary, Culture, Politics, Religion, Society.

I’ve always wondered about the religious nature of Americans. While I have several close friends who are devout and intelligent Christians, being in the NY metro area and living a fairly secular life, it is hard for me to understand that there are so many Christians in this country (especially enough to give Bush the win in 2000). Its also ironic to think that if there are so many who profess to be Christians (and I assume to subscribe to the teachings of Christ against idolatry) that people like Paris Hilton can attain the status of social idols.

This article (actually a book review) begins with some startling facts, ie: that fewer than half of us can identify Genesis as the first book of the Bible (he does go on to point out that fewer than 1/3 of Americans can name one of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, so perhaps our ignorance isn’t limited strictly to religion). The author makes several other points along the same vein, but the main point is merely a call to improve the religious awareness of our country.

Assuming Americans are really this unaware, doesn’t it make you wonder about the democratic process when Americans use (their questionable knowledge of) religious values to decide certain policies that will govern our lives?

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